The Art

  "Why knot doodle?" pretty much sums up my geometric design artwork. In junior high school I created my own code for the English alphabet using some of my doodles for symbols. Throughout high school and college I would often "doodle" on sides of notebooks/scraps of paper starting with some of my old code symbols. At first these doodles were sketches for Ukrainian Psyanky eggs, an art form I learned as a kid, but I soon began enjoying creating radial designs for flat surfaces more so than the 3D surface of an egg. In college, especially, I found these designs when finished in pen & ink made nice greeting cards that didn't break the budget. So I began creating designs for friends and family as cards for birthdays, congratulations, etc. which led me to name each design for the first person I made it for. Currently I have expanded beyond greeting cards and have been using my designs to make paintings, ornaments, magnets, and more, however my designs continue to start from my doodles and so I ask Why knot doodle? because I Jes doodle!
    "Jes keep stitching!" In college I was looking for some sort of activity I could do in my dorm room that didn't involve reading for when I needed a break from school work. My mom showed me some Swedish weaving embroidery that my great aunt had done and the geometric patterns in the stitching intrigued me. So I looked online and found books about Swedish embroidery and discovered I liked embroidering on the Monk's cloth best, and began making small afghans mainly for baby gifts. Since then I Jes keep stitching and have gone on to embroider table runners, stockings, and of course more afghans.



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